Born in Granville on April 14, 1968.

Initially inspired by a figurative approach, this one gradually evolved to give way to an abstraction at first lyrical then more contrasted where the black reigns as absolute master.


Black is his color, sometimes dark, sometimes bright, without limit, it can be dominant and become soft. It can accept the meeting with other colors but remains the main thread. 

After acrylic and oil, tar opens another door to the abstract, much deeper and more contemporary, with the possibility of working with this material in several aspects and forms. The painter thus gives to black its different values and explosions, according to variations which are infinite.Always in search, the lacquers are added to the panel giving softer works, with more transparency, without abandoning the density, timelessness.

Catalogue raisonné 1998/2021 édité par/et disponible: Galerie Sarto Paris

Le peintre nous offre de par ses nombreuses expositions depuis les années 80 des œuvres empreintes de recherche, de réflexion, de philosophie, chargées d’un message fort et brut mettant en lumière sa pensée et y laissant une empreinte indélébile. L’abstraction est son aventure, sa liberté, son combat, ses rêves, sa rage, sa solitude.

Le peintre est coté Akoun et certifié I-CAC

Silver medalist 2016 by the European Institute of Contemporary Arts.